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Antique Medical Cabinet

If you are looking for classical furniture or an old collectible item that can both be appealing and functional, an antique medical cabinet is right for you.

An antique medical cabinet is no different from the typical medical cabinets we have today in terms of its storage function. In earlier times, the vintage cabinets may have been used to handle any surgical, dental, emergency tools and store them safely in convenient vintage drawers. Today, most antique medical cabinets are bought for decoration purposes for those people who like to collect antique items.

There may still be some antique medical cabinets that are used for storage however they can no longer be seen in modern hospitals or medical facilities.
What makes antique medical cabinets unique and elegant is the fact that it has been made in earlier times. It can be valuable because of its scarcity, manufacturer, previous owners, or nostalgic qualities.

Most antique medical cabinets are made of wood but there are also ones that are made of stainless steel. Like the original American antique medical freestanding interior hospital operating room surgical instrument and supply cabinet, manufactured by the Columbus Aseptic Furniture Co., Columbus, Ohio, that is available at Urban Remains ( It is remarkably robust in construction and was likely fabricated around 1915.

This type of heavy gauge steel stepback cabinet like most antique cabinets features two hinged doors with surface mount hinges and fanciful faceted glass knob. Urban Remains notes: “the cabinet's interior retains the original glass shelving. The lower section contains six swing-out drawers released by activating a cast bronze mechanical lever. The spacious bottom compartment is concealed by two hinged cabinet doors retaining the original glass knob pulls. The slightly tapered, angled steel legs are structurally sound and stable. The thick, beveled edge plate glass insets are original to the hinged cabinet doors. Brushed metal finish. [It is a] rare and remarkable American medical cabinet all around. [It] measures 57 3/4 x 30 3/4 x 15 1/4 inches.”1

Antique medical cabinets would look lively in a bathroom, a contemporary living room, hallway, and a home office.

There are many styles of antique and vintage medical cabinets. Most of them were personally made by hand by local cabinet makers. It consists of mirrors and plain wood or glass doors, and they are commonly finished as varnished or painted.

You might also come across with terms when buying Antique Medical Cabinet like:

•    Eastlake - a Victorian style that has plenty of carving and detail.

•    Inset (or recessed) - the cabinet is fixed into a space in the wall so as the door is flush with the wall.

•    Mounted - the cabinet is mounted on the wall and is hanging by using a special hardware.

•    Primitive - the cabinet will be much damaged and have a corrosive look.

It is wise to choose the cabinet type that would fit the style and age of your house. If you want to add an old-fashioned look although you are living in a modern house, you might also keep an eye for a vintage medicine cabinet style that you really love. If you are already living in historic home, choose the one that will most likely compliment the style of your house even more.