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Vintage Medical Cabinet

One of the essential features in one’s bathroom is the medical cabinet. The medical cabinet has been around for a long time. Lately, there has been a renewed interest about the classy designs of vintage medical cabinet that were made in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. It is also believed that these cabinets are also more durable than those made today.

A website dedicated with restoration showed an old catalogue from the Miami-Carey Manufacturing Company that lists 42 cabinet models from the ‘50s. Most notable in their creations are the towel bars, soap dishes and other chrome-plated accessories. The designs featured in the catalogue are the pioneer in their times. These are the lighted cabinets, razor blade drop and sliding door cabinets.

One of the Miami-Carey company’s creations is the Duettes, or Duette Custom. This product line aims to provide glamour in an otherwise drab bathroom. These have twin sliding doors and twin compartments. These are made of stainless steel and other durable materials.  

There are traditional styles of medical cabinets, according to one website. These are: rectangular mirror, oval shaped medical cabinet, corner medicine cabinet, and even vintage and antique medical cabinets. The types range as follows: surface-mount cabinet, recessed cabinet, corner medical cabinet, and tri-view medical cabinet. The style of an antique medicine cabinet is easily characterized by its chrome finish.

If you are interested in purchasing a medical cabinet, you have a lot of options. The Nutone-Broan company lists in their website several designs that can be purchased. These are from the 40s, 50s, 60s design, and features the type with vertical light bars to the right and left of cabinet. Meanwhile, Kohler also feature vintage medical cabinet designs. These come with decorative arches that will complement a vintage home. The cabinets measure 31”, taller than contemporary designs. Among the most notable designs have arches on top and bottom, gentle arches above and below with bevel all around, and, wood framed medicine cabinet with arch on top.

Other sellers also have cabinets made of stained pine. These models are also wall-mounted, with three shelves, glass front and clear glass knob.  

If all these designs models still won’t do, a crafter shared some tips on how to create your own cabinet that will suit your taste. It is also important to ensure that your creation is durable. One option is to look at salvation stores and see if there are any old cabinets that can be repaired. Usually, this involves replacing some parts like the mirror or refurbishing a part of the wall. Keep in mind that you will have to follow the material’s original color and hardware. Another option is to buy a pre-made cabinet at a craft store and “age” it using historical hardware and accessories. You can use historical paint and finish colors to further customize your cabinet.

You can also choose to create one from scratch and create your own cabinet. One advice to make it look more authentic is to buy vintage materials like wood, hinges or knob at thrift stores, salvage store or E-bay.  You can also get antique glass for the window cabinet.  You will also have to use historical colors to make your cabinet more authentic.

The information given about vintage medical cabinet will be useful for those who wish to have their own cabinets.